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Faux Rattan Stool. The Second Throne In The Bathroom

I needed a bathroom seat.  Yes, the toilet is a throne.  And you could sit on the bathtub surround.  But wouldn't it be nice to sit on something solid and comfortable while you dry off or apply nail polish?

The Inspiration

  • Something other then the toilet to sit on
  • I wish I had a bench in my bathroom


  • A small foam cube from a building block set (dollar store)
  • A rattan fine chenille yarn (dollar store)
  • Aleene's Tacky Glue
  • Craft paint (the same colour or close to the yarn)
  • Knife and ruler

Seating was in the back of my mind.  As I wandered down the craft aisle of the dollar store I turned my head to the right and caught sight of some (ugly) chenille yarn.  Ugly yes, but a perfect colour match for rattan!  And fine enough for a scale match for a mini.

Then, in the kid toy section (after we spotted an Elmo book for Kitty) I saw a small foam block set.  20+ blocks of various sizes and colours (but small) for $3.  The stool had solidified in my mind (that didn't sound right, but its kinda funny.  Poop joke).

I shortened the block in height and width.  I am still finding orange foam flakes everywhere despite vacuuming. And vacuuming.

I then painted the bright orange block to a light beige.  Not an exact match to the yarn. but close enough.  Not orange.

Then, I applied small sections of tacky glue and started wrapping.

And there it is!  You can see a corner of it in some of my other bathroom pictures.  It sits to the left of my vanity.  Very soft to touch, but firm.  These foam blocks are going to get well used in the months to come.