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Welcome to Kitty and Kat Miniatures.  This blog is a journey into modern miniatures, through creating, collecting and sharing. 

I am based in Toronto, Canada, which has a vibrant miniature scene.  We are fortunate to have several miniature clubs and shows located in the greater Toronto area.  

I began this blog in 2015 as a new mother looking for a creative outlet.  It allowed me to bring my DIY mindset, creative spirit and lifelong love of dollhouse miniatures into a neat package.  My daughter, who’s privacy I respect by calling her “Miss Kitty,” has grown, and thankfully so has her love for miniatures.  While I do the heavy miniature lifting when it comes to creating, she is both my greatest critic and loudest cheerleader.

I would define my miniature collection as both modern with a bit of contemporary.  While you won’t see a Victorian styling of miniatures here, I do have a love of older, more traditional miniature accessories.  My miniature collection has grown to hundreds and hundreds of pieces, including those of artisans.

I create my modern miniatures by hand; furniture, accessories and dollhouses. It’s the challenge for realism that drives me.  My favourite part of creating is place in the item in a “mini scene” to fool the eye.  Is it real? Or is it miniature? Social media has also allowed me to showcase my collection and attempt to fool my followers with miniature realism.

I have been extremely fortunate to have taught miniature needlework; published miniature tutorials in magazines; published my work in a miniature book, and to have had my projects featured in numerous miniature magazines.  It’s been an amazing journey so far.

Follow along on this blog and my various social media channels to see what I’m creating, teaching and showcasing.  This modern miniature journey will become your latest obsession.