I'm a mom.  I'm a jack of all trades, and a master of some!  My passion for making things began in childhood.  As the years went on, school, work, more school and life got in the way of being crafty and creative.  Now that life has settled down, I have a little one at home who has inspired me to find my creative passion once again.

It was hard to build and create, like the home DIY-er I am, with nap times and early bed times.  Fortunately, I found miniatures....which generally is much quieter then real life construction.  

Having never had a real dollhouse growing up (who knows why...I had a million other toys but never the dollhouse I wanted!!) I decided my daughter, "Miss Kitty" would have one.  Starting in early 2015, I began to work on her dollhouse.  And then I started blogging about it.  And as any mini maker knows, one project takes a thousand years to complete when you have so many other mini projects on the go!


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    1. Thank you!!!! It's very much appreciated and I'm thrilled at the honor!