Saturday, October 21, 2017

2017 MET Miniature Show

I didn't think I was going to make it to this years Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto (MET) show.  My husband and I were out of town, but managed to get back into the city within 5 minutes of the show opening.  He sat in the car doing work, I shopped!

Because I thought that I wasn't coming to this show, I had purchased several "wants" at the Bowmanville show, so my list wasn't long.  That said, it wasn't like I had any money left in my pocket when I left the show.....

Vendors (that I don't know personally), now recognize me at shows.  Not sure what that says about my purchasing habits.

I started off at Marie-Luce Pelletier's table.  She make beautiful pottery and said she was likely going to retire after this show.  I hear retirement, and I quickly make sure I have purchased the pieces that I really love.  I have several of Marie-Luce's pieces that I purchased at antique shows, but this was the first time buying from her.  The jug and covered bowl are extremely delicate.  The itty bitty vase is stoneware.

Martha McLean Miniatures is my dealer of choice for handbags.  The luxurious, "can't have in real life" bags in mini compel me to take them home.  I learned they are by Gayoo Lee of South Korea.

The knit sweater coat was made by Lise Ashby.  There was a entire table of mini makers from Montreal representing the Miniature Enthusiasts of Montreal.  Their show is April 7-8, 2018. 

The toque (hat) is from an estate and was sold by Liz at Grandpa's Doll House.  The pom-pom on the hat was what made me buy it.  It's so tiny!  I also bought some texture brick paper from her.  I'm itching to use it on my next project.

Fay-vourite Crafts and Miniatures Co. continues to have amazing plant kits.  I purchased a croton this time and some plant stakes.

Pacific Wood Imports sells a huge variety of mini items (similar to what you find on ebay, mass produced), but I could not say no to the shelf (and it was $4).  I would spend more time and effort making it then just buying it.  The odd "thing" I bought will become a lamp, very retro looking.  Kinda looks like a turd when its on its side though.

I first discovered Sweet Something's Miniatures at the Guelph show, and regretted not buying more.  I'm not a clay maker, so I have to buy these items.  There's only so much I can devote my time to!!  Nancy's banana's are very realistic.  If you're wondering, the blender is Mini Fanaberia which I purchased via Small Scale Showcase a while back.

The mirror and table were made by MET member Eleanor.  The candle stick and copper vase came from Fay-vourite (above).  The turned wood vase and the hand woven rug are made by Harvey and Janice Temeer of Tremeer's Treasures.  They are an older couple and they both do amazing needle work.  I can only hope to see half as well as them when I'm their age.

While I'm not a Christmas mini nut, the items made by MET members were just too cute to leave behind.  The place mats were stitched and had matching napkins.  The stocking was very well done, and I found a second pair of green and red socks (bought some last year).

There will be no Brampton "garage sale" show this year, which made me extremely sad.  My love of retro minis usually means I find lots at these types of shows because people sell them off.  Alas, maybe the garage sale component can be worked into the Guelph or Bowmanville show. 

My wallet appears safe until the spring....maybe....nah.