Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Birch Rug Tutorial

If you ever wanted to tackle a small stitching project, then I have THE project for you!  This cute little 3.5" x 1.5" birch rug can fit into any miniature space.  

My tutorial is available in American Miniaturist November 2019 (Issue 199).  It's two colours and one stitch (the tent stitch).  I swear, you can do it! Throw on the TV and stitch away.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Living In A Living Room

I started to organize some of my minis.  It was a scary thing, so I did two boxes of furniture and stopped.  I need to devote a cold winter weekend to taking everything out and sifting through it.  Including my work space and the cabinets who's depths I haven't ventured into in quite some time.

I'm not saying its a "horde" but I freely admit that there's a lot of stuff very nicely labelled cute boxes that need addressing.  I need to make a date with my label maker machine and attack!

But since I had a few minis out....and needed to store some of my summer finds, I took the time to play around in my new room box.

As you can see from my last post, I can easily swap out the fireplace which is held in place with museum wax.  Pro tip (and by pro I mean that it took a long time to figure out): museum wax residue (not clumps!) comes off easily with a rubbing alcohol swab/square or a q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol.  It hasn't ruined any of my painted walls, painted paper, or other surfaces.  But test your surface first!

Let's tour the room!

This room is a bit of an homage to Warren Richardson.  He made the beautiful sofa and chair which I purchased in Florida.  These are still widely available and on eBay, both in tan and black.  They are beautifully made!  I also realized that he made the floor lamp too!  But I've had that for some time now.  

Care for a drink? I have a nice Chianti in a sweet wrapped bottle tucked in the bar. 

Or maybe you want to relax, play some cards and enjoy a cigar.  

No matter what you choose, listening to some music is always a good idea.  

It's always nice to dig out items in your collection and see them up close.  I enjoy re-envisioning them every time I take them out.  

Where To Buy / Where To Find

Leather Bag - by Jose Gomez
Bar and Bookcase - Jane Harrop kits
Pottery - Alex Meikeljohn
Leather Sofa and Chair - by Warren Richardson (via The Toy Box in Cocoa, Florida)
Guitar and Chianti bottle - Grandpa's Doll House
Records and crates - Keenderson Miniatures
Coffee Table - MiniModels
Blue Floor Lamp and reading glasses - MitchyMooMiniatures
Credenza and record player - by me