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And BOO To You!

Welcome.  Please come in.  We'd like to play. Casting spells can be a lot of fun....... .......unless you're babysitting your undead baby sister And you thought your pre teens room had a lot of interesting stuff in it? Think again Finally,…

MET Show....A Mini Bonanza

On October 15th I took a little trip to the Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto (MET) Show. This being the second year I attended, I knew what I wanted, who was there and who took credit cards. Very important as some people are just cash and you have to ration.  And in a stroke of genius, I remembered to grab bus…

The Rug Won't Bite

........and PETA won't freak out.  It's just an 18 count stitched Tiger rug kit from Janet Granger . I stitched while drinking my morning coffee, as dinner cooked, every evening and every spare minute for a week. It wasn`t difficult, but wool takes longer, though the results are worth it!

And so this happened. IKEA

Well, this happened. The IKEA project. I bought this little number after seeing it on The Shopping Sherpa blog . But then I assembled it and while not huge, it was 2 stories. And if I want to continue with this hobby, I need to be space conscious. Or start to tossing Miss Kitty's toys. And she might obj…