Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Halloween Is Coming!

Miss Kitty and I went to the sacred store (for her, not me), Dollarama. That child looooooves to look around the dollar store. Which is great for me!  She's in love with the idea of Halloween. This is wonderful, because I go all out at the front of my house for the scary season with a full graveyard, witches, smoke machine, electric chair, etc.  When I say she loves the idea, I mean she's into small "boos" like her little rat skeleton. But the big scary ghosts and goblins scare her. The 6 foot witch I just bought didn't go over so well. Oops. 

I'm definitely going to carve out a little time to make a mini Halloween scene(s)!


  1. looking forward to your Halloween scene(s)! this looks promising and your RL halloween decorating sounds great! Oh my, that poor girl, you'll probably hide the witch in the attic until she's ready?