Sunday, 6 March 2016

Retro Dresser....And The Building Bug!

I got bit by building bug! I needed some bedroom furniture, and while I have some House of Miniatures kits, they weren't quite right.  Then I had a, I didn't black out, I actually recalled a magazine project that quite suited my needs!  The Dolls' House Magazine (November 2015) had a retro dresser project that was perfect.

Following instructions is always a challenge for me.  I grabbed some 1/16th sheet wood and took to making it.  Yes, I read the instructions! Instead of making it a single dresser, I made it a double.  And because I wanted to ensure I enjoyed the process and didn't swear up a storm, I made false drawer fronts.

What I Did

I made the case of the dresser from 1/16th sheet wood.  Then I made the 3 drawer fronts.  It took a bit of fiddling to make them fit and shave off equal amounts from each front.

To ensure the fronts would hold up, I placed 2 supports on each section as something to attach the drawer fronts to.

I used my circle stencil to mark out the handle holes on 1 drawer.  Then, I clamped 3 together and used my Dremel to sand away the wood.

The hairpin legs are a large paperclip that I pained in a flat aluminum. 

I painted the drawers in Marta Stewart Summer Linen, Americana Slate Grey and Americana Zinc.  I sealed the dresser with a satin finish polyurethane.

And Then....

I made a little vignette with the dresser for my Instagram account!


  1. Love them! Now you've got me thinking about doing this project!

    1. Thanks Claudia. What made it more enjoyable was making false drawers. If they were real, the dresser probably would have ended up unfinished and in the trash ;)

  2. The results are MARVELOUS Kat! I am soooo Impressed by the results and especially with the paint colors that you have chosen for it!

    and even More kudos for not swearing! :))


    1. I`m glad you like it! I`ve now been bit by the building bug.

  3. Cool! I don't even remember that project, but I love the result!

    1. I only remembered it when I saw the cover on The Dolls` House Magazine `s Instagram feed. Then it was a dash to my work room to find the magazine.