Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Squint Box - A (mini) Review And Contest

I really do have an obsession with my minis and Instagram.  My Instagram is my "in the moment" minis and my blog is my curated mini moments.  It's like having two children, you love them both but....you love them differently.  

I stumbled upon and followed D. Thomas Fine Miniatures on Instagram and loved all their modern miniatures.  While they sell everything, their mid century modern and eclectic pieces had me smitten. It's mini eye candy.  Then along came a brilliant idea called Squint Box.

Rather then me say it, they say it better:

Welcome to SquintBox™- the new subscription box service delivering a hand-picked assortment of quality hand-crafted miniatures to your door each month in popular categories like food, flowers, books and accessories.

Fast forward a few months and they sent me the this months box of mini goodies and asked if I would provide and objective review of the Squint Box experience.  As if you had to ask!

The Review

I didn't know what to expect in regards to quantity and quality or just what all this "subscription box" idea would entail.  I just hoped it would be as neat as their Instagram feed because it would make review writing MUCH easier!

After stealing the box away from my chatty postal worker I scurried inside to check out my loot!

Here is my unboxing:

The mini loot included:
  • Bottle of California red wine
  • A classic cosmopolitan in a martini glass (with a lemon rind curl!!)
  • A circa 1964 Cosmopolitan magazine
  • A sugar-dusted blueberry pie in a pie tin
  • 2 white candles with wicks
  • A house hold extension cord

SquintBox kindly included a Michael Yurkovic (Atomic Miniatures) mid century modern ash tray.  You can read more about him here.  Michael is featured in the SquintBox Miniaturist Spotlight.  While the ash tray is not included in the subscription box, SquintBox is running a contest to the end of this week on their Instagram page for a chance to win the Michael Yurkovic ash tray.

The Bottom Line

The SquintBox arrives beautifully presented.  You really consume its cuteness with all the details in the wrapping, from the individual packages with cheeky quotes to the thoughtful way it is placed in the box and wrapped with a ribbon.  It makes you feel like its Christmas morning.

The quality and value of the miniatures definitely compliments the cost of the subscription.  And in the U.S., it ships for free so you really can't go wrong.  There are several subscription plans, so you have flexibility with subscribing.  International shipping will start soon.

Most importantly, there is definite thought and planning with the miniatures that were included in this months box.  The cosmopolitan drink, wine and magazine followed a retro vibe which is especially fun for those who just want to play around and have fun with their minis.  The box even includes some fun suggestions for mini play! For the more serious miniaturist, the quality of the included items means that you will welcome them into your long term collection.

Maybe I should also say even MORE importantly, who wouldn't prefer receiving up to 6 minis in their mail each month? You get enough bills, etc. that at least one thing in you mailbox should bring you some happiness.

And what post would be complete if I didn't use my new minis in some mini scenes!

Extension Cord

Candles, wine, & blueberry pie

Cosmo drink

Cosmo drink & red wine

Red wine

Cosmo drink, Cosmopolitan magazine, & Michael Yurkovic ash tray

Cosmo drink, Cosmopolitan magazine, & Michael Yurkovic ash tray


  1. What a fantastic idea! It's like Blue Apron, but better 'cause you don't have to cook anything!!!
    Your scenes both on your blog and on Instagram just make me happy to look at them! Thank you so much for taking the time to spread happy mini sunshine!!!
    And, because you'll be getting a Squint Box every month, I know you'll have more mini scenes coming to drool over! You might have to change your blog name to "Making A Scene"!

  2. I just ordered my first box, Kat. I'm very excited! I did the month-by-month subscription so that I have a bit of control should I need to stop shipments.

    (I did contact them, as you suggested, and I'll get a chance to review the first shipment!)

    1. I`m excited to see all your monthly mini posts in the new house

  3. This is such a Great Idea Kat and your mini scenes provide the perfect venue for displaying all of your new mini treats!
    HAVE FUN playing with them and I am now looking forward to seeing their next months offering; almost like having Christmas every month! :D


  4. Great items and such a fun idea! I love those last two photos!

    1. Thank you Shannon. The last one is probably one of my top 5 fave pics. And I shot it with my camera phone!

  5. How enjoyable it would be to receive miniatures in the mail instead of junk mail or bills...love how you placed each one into a scene and how they blend perfectly with what you already have! Next month's selection will definitely be something to look forward to! Cheers, Alayne

  6. I love the way you used your new miniatures, thank you for this great revue.

    1. Thank you Susi....and I love your new feature in American Miniaturist. Congrats!