Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hunter Boots....HBC and a bit of Canadiana

Oh Summer...things are beginning to come to an end.  Frankly, I am getting a bit tired of watering the garden everyday.  But that sunshine is still nice.  Keep your distance Mr. Winter!

In a ode to Fall, I made a Canadiana mini scene.  Nothing says Canada like using a canoe as a hall bench or using your Hudsons Bay point blanket as a wall hanging.  

But I quite enjoy my Hunter boots!

Here is the Hunter boots how-to!

  • Get some 1:12 scale plastic boots (dollhouse store or eBay)
  • Grab some ribbon for the boot liner (mine is a velvet ribbon)
  • Google image the Hunter boots logo.  Try to find the clearest and smallest one out there.  I then opened mine in Word and just shrunk it down until I found the right size
  • Glue ribbon to boot.  Glue logo to ribbon......or forgo the ribbon and glue right to the boot!

That is not much of a how-to, but in case you were wondering, there you go!

And then I had to laugh...and do a happy dance when I posted these to Instagram and Hudsons Bay liked my picture!


  1. LOL. Of course they liked your pic, it's adorable. I do too. :)

  2. Hmmm... This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Especially if they have any tiny displays that they would be willing to send your way!
    Super cute photo shoot!!! The only missing piece is the moose boot scraper, lol!

    1. I could only hope! I need some new Hunter boots. Mine sprung a leak which make their rain boot/gardening boot status questionable.

  3. What an authentic Canadiana scene Kat! The Hunter boots are a wonderful accessory especially as the days get shorter and wetter! And adding the canoe and the HBC blanket to your display was Brilliant; I am Delighted to hear that the Bay responded!

    Only in Canada- eh!? ;P


  4. I love the boots and canal - and so cool that Hudson Bay liked your photo!

  5. I wonder if Hudson Bay realised it was a mini scene? Love the scene and especially the Hunter boots =0)

  6. Love the scene! Well done...
    Next colorful leaves of the Indian summer?

    1. I have the leaves ready Marion! Already used my leaf punch on some real leaves!