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The Mid Century Room Box - Living Room Reveal!

It's all done! And I found a home for it on a table.....the benefits of a small build.  I apologize in advance for the full view shots as they were done in my living room.  At the time I had no sun outside and lots of damp, both are not friends to minis.

But, lets begin the tour!!


The walls are all painted a white (with beige undertone), CIL interior eggshell, like the kitchen. 


 I can't say I am thrilled with my large plexi windows.  The sheets looked perfect, but they all had some marks.  Then after installation, paint and glue touch ups...sigh.  But are my real life windows cleaned yet? Nope, so they look the same!  

The widows are framed with 0.5cm square wood dowels and the plexi is held in with quarter round styrene strips.  Let's just say I will never again paint styrene with burnt umber acrylic....5 coats per strip later to get coverage!!!

The floor is paper backed varying length wood floor sheets that I stained with my own concoction of colours.


I wrote more about the fire place a while back, but to recap, its a thin sheet of cork cut into bricks. All glued to a wood frame that hid the electrics for the fireplace and the ceiling light.  The electrical all comes out the bottom where the batteries are hidden. 

The fireplace art was my first attempt at soldering! Mixed results....lets say, rushing it because your child is out of the house and you have 10 mins do not make for the best conditions.  Anyway, it worked! The butterflies are punched from textured gold paper.


The door was from Greenleaf.  I made the door hardware from paper and the metal ends from Christmas light fuses.  I broke the glass off the fuse and was left with a little piece of metal! The larger fuse yielded the door knob, and and small fuse yielded the deadbolt lock.


The ceiling light was fun! I had another idea going for a while....but as a project drags out and you just want to finish, you start to think.  And that thinking leads you to steal from your child.  Yes, mother of the year right here.  The black tube is plastic...from a balloon.  You know those small helium balloons that are attached to a plastic stick? It was hollow...and straight.  So I staved off a few inches from Miss Kitty's Minnie Mouse balloon.  The light is a dollar store ping pong ball.  The child loves playing ping pong on the coffee table, so I did replace the ball I stole from her.  But it all makes a perfect light!  Inside is one of those pre wired (with resistor) LED from China off of Ebay.  


I had a vision of what I wanted.  But, those rows of brown were the most boring and time consuming part of the project.  Tent stitch worked on 28 count canvas with DMC cotton floss.  3 colours used.

The Final Look......

The details...I weaved the wall hanging.  It was purchased as a necklace kit, but I saw mini potential (and it was clearance!).  I also painted the gold pictures.  Michaels has some perfect 1:12 scale square canvases in their art section.  The end tables were fun to make...a simple "C" shape table with a rectangular hollow brass tube support.  

I've been up to more kits recently....and other mini making shenanigans! More photos to come!