Sunday, 18 February 2018

A New Build....A New Year!

Well, hello again.....

It's been a while, hasn't it?  I have been mini-ing, but my blogging has been a bit slow.  

Here's the update:  

  • Over Christmas, my grandmother passed away.  I decided to take all of her sewing notions, threads, and assorted items to add to my pitiful sewing collection.  I now have more thread in weird and random colours then I will ever know what to do with!
  • I spent a good long while working on mini items to swap with Anna-Maria.  I'm currently stressed out because they haven't arrived yet!! I didn't do tracking because it would have pushed a tiny package to close to $125 (WTF Canada Post!!!!), so given that I've never had issues I mailed it.  If there are mail faeries, I hope they have my package and will get it to her!
  • I finished the Charity Build.  Given the crap-tacular winter we have had here, I haven't been able to photograph it to show it in its glory.  It appears to be warming up a bit, so I will venture outside for some natural light.

The Build

I purchased the Greenleaf Spring Fling 2012 contest build as a Christmas gift for myself in 2016.  It was January 2018 when I decided to build it, so in terms of general miniaturist hording and delaying projects, I think I'm still making good time....hehehe.  

This will be another modern home.  The greenhouse side kit with the windows will be turned on its side, placed on a lower wall and made a sunken living room/bedroom.  The other add-on on the side of the house will become a bathroom.  I was going to use the fruit stand add-on kit, but its too small and low, so I will just build it out of scrap wood.

To access the living room, I will cut out most of the right side wall.  I'm also adding in 2 high windows to give light, but also leave me some lower wall space for furniture placement. 

The front of the house will have symmetrical and asymmetrical features.  I love the high windows and below them at ground level will be planter boxes.  To highlight the roof line, you will note (below), a double line running beside the door, along the right roof line and down the right side.  This will be a beam that will bump out of the front.  Maybe it will feature a splash of colour, different bricks....not sure yet!

Up to this point, I've done my cutting, primed all the wood, sanded and pressed everything flat. I'd like to say that's the worst part, but I'm sure something else will take that title soon enough.  

I also ordered LED lights from  I used their LEDs in my last build and they work brilliantly.  I also purchased the chip-battery and switch kits to make it easier to hide the batteries.  

I have been toying with designs in my head.  Nothing has stuck yet, so I will wait for inspiration.  Unlike many of you that build with a design in mind, I just seem to build and roll the dice.  I think I'm actually just to lazy to plan and like to tinker which results in my "we can always fix it later" attitude (or my having a tantrum and leaving the build for a month until I make peace with it).

And in stitching news

I decided to stitch some Hello Kitty inspired pillows.  Stitched on 32 count silk in a continental stitch using DMC cotton thread.  After searching the internet, I resigned myself to having to make my own chart.  I also decided since I would make Hello Kitty, she would need her friend Badtz Maru (the grumpy penguin).  Badtz's progress is a bit slow because stitching the black is hard on the eyes!

Drum roll please.....I bought my sewing machine yesterday!  By chance I found that Janome had a massive sale for all their dealers, so I managed to get a machine that I wouldn't have normally afforded in the price range I was aiming for.  My laziness and procrastination paid off!

I have also discovered my disdain for sewing was due to my old machine being a piece of trash.  I had this beauty up and running in 15 minutes and it sews like a dream!

There you have it! I have caught you all up on what I've been up to!


  1. Hi Kat, You have kicked into high gear I think. Perhaps you feel Spring in the air despite the weather conditions. What fun to have a sewing machine that works! Well, one that doesn’t need coaxing its tension etc. You will rediscover your love of sewing.
    I do admire that you can do the 32 point petit point.
    Regards Janine

    1. Thank you Janine! Having now experienced a great machine, I regret having struggled for so long! Live and learn.

  2. Hi Kat. Great to hear there is a new project on the go! I am a planner I must say, but sometimes I just hack into something and let it run its natural course and work out the mistakes later! And also loving the LEDs at the moment - so easy to work with. Have fun with your new sewing machine. Although it has been a few years now, when I went out and got a new machine, I couldn’t believe the difference it made. Janomes are good machines. Have fun!

    1. One could call them mistakes....or just happy unplanned occurrences, lol!

      I'm obsessed with LEDs. Wiring scared me for a long time, but with LEDs, especially from Model Train Supply, its been stress free. It's just deciding where to run the wires and what lighting I want is the tough part!

  3. You've been super busy! I'm so excited for this build :) It looks like a great size to play with. It also looks a bit fragile... let me know if you ever need a piece laser cut, I'm sure I could figure something out to get it to you.
    I hope your shipping woes get sorted, I ordered lights from the model train store and USPS lost my package... so I'm waiting again for a new one, it's almost been two months. Evan Designs was awesome at resending mind you, I just think from now on I'll be paying the extra for better reliability from usps/canpost. Haven't had problems with the post before this year either.
    Can't wait to see all the goodies you make with your new machine :) And I really really want to see the finished charity build :D

    1. Hi Kristine

      Thanks for the generous offer. I was worried about the walls too. But, Jodi did the same kit and said she had no issues with it, so my fingers are crossed. I plan to ever engineer and glue the crap out of the thing to ensure the structure is solid...mostly because I love glue.

      My lights were lost too. I wonder if they were even mailed in the first place because they said they had issues with their website. When they resent them I had them in a matter of days (like previous orders).

  4. Hi Kat,
    So sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing- I send my condolences and I am sure that she would be pleased that you have rescued her collection of threads etc. and will be putting them to good use too!
    Your new build sound and looks exciting and as I already like your style of modern, I am looking forward to seeing how you will be transforming this kit on the fly. I know that we are all in for A TREAT! :))

    1. Thank you Elizabeth

      The kit is still sitting unassembled...eek. I think I'm just going to have to bit the bullet and stop procrastinating

  5. I think your build is going to be so much fun to follow! Congrats on your new sewing machine. And I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I am sure all your new sewing supplies will come in handy for mini-ing though.

    1. Thank you Sheila

      All of the new sewing supplies have definitely been a plus. And I now have enough thread to sew for a hundred years.

  6. Sorry to hear about your Nana, Kat. Glad to hear her sewing stuff will have a new life with you though. Love the kit. Love the high Windows too. Looking forward to seeing this build come to fruition...and hopefully in less than three years 😄

    1. Thank you Pepper

      Is it terrible that when I labelled my photo file 2018 I wondered if I would need to make it 2018-2019. And its a small build. How is it already March and I've done nothing but prime and pressed the wood? Sigh

  7. Oh, how exciting that you have so many projects on the go. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  8. Congratulations on your new project! Looking forward to your progress with this!

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