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The Droid Light

I really do like my kitchen light.  However, when I take pictures of it, it looks like something out of Star Wars landed on my ceiling.  I swear, it does not look that way in real life. When you look into the room, you don't see the wood rectangle mounted to the ceiling so it doesn't look as heavy.

I wanted something egg shaped. Something Ikea-ish.  But a nice delicate suspension was out of the question with Miss Kitty's little hands and various dolls banging about.

Oh plastic Easter eggs, how you haven't let me down yet!  I used 2 eggs and some screws and I made myself a light.

  • Scrap wood (thick enough for a screw to catch into)
  • Black gloss spray paint
  • Metallic silver spray paint
  • (2) 1.5 ish inch plastic Easter eggs
  • Size 10 screws in whatever length you want them suspended in
  • Small clear bead to simulate a light bulb
  • No More Nails adhesive

Cut the 2 eggs apart into 4 pieces.  You decide which sides of the eggs you prefer to use.  I used 1 pointy end and 2 rounded ends.

Cut your wood for the ceiling mount large enough that your lights will all fit under them  Do a dry fit before you cut.

Even though you can't really see it in the room, I wanted it silver inside.  I taped off the outside and sprayed the inside silver.  The tape was useful as it helped keep the eggs upright.

I then sprayed the egg exterior gloss black, along with the screws and wood.  Use Rustoleum spray paint.  Krylon is garbage.  You will cry with frustration as it doesn't cover on the 3rd coat!

Choose your screw length.  I even used a shorter one for the flush mounted light.  I used size 10 screws for sturdiness, but you could use thinner screws too.

Drill your holes.  I found it tough to get dead center.

I used a dab of No More Nails between the screw head and where it meets the egg so it wouldn't worble.

Ensure your screws don't pop through the wood on the side that mounts to the ceiling or it won't be flush.

Add your "light bulb" bead to hide the screw head.

Secure wood piece to ceiling with No More Nails.

Miss Kitty hasn't defeated them, despite knocking into them a few times and sending some furniture into them.