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The Kitchen Blackboard

Pinterest and I have a special relationship.  I think it, then I search it, then I dream of my results and wake with the idea molded in my mind.  Probably unhealthy to dream about Pinterest.  

The blackboard was inspired by those DIY kitchen walls painted entirely with blackboard paint and sometimes magnetic paint for flair.  Sure it looks good, but for allergy tortured folks like me, I see it as a sneeze attack waiting to happen.  So why not live the dream and put it in the dollhouse?


  • The bottom rail of a stair rail set (you need the grooved piece to act as a frame for the blackboard wood). 
    • You can buy the top and bottom rail separate or as a complete rail kit
  • 1/8 or 1/32 inch thick balsa wood
    • The wood thickness is dependent on the groove in the bottom rail.  Whatever fits in it
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Silver spray paint or craft paint
  • White pencil crayon
  • Satin Clear Spray Paint (I like Rustoleum Satin)
  • Quick Grip Glue
  • Mini Miter Saw and Box

Step 1

I cut my wood and rail sections and taped it together to make sure the miters were good and it fit.  You need tape because the rail pieces flop everywhere.  Really annoying.

Step 2

Apply 2 coats of chalkboard paint to your wood and a coat of silver paint to your trim BEFORE you glue everything together

Step 3

Choose your fonts!  I searched "chalkboard fonts" on Pinterest.  Soooo many results.  I used Uber Chic For Cheap's font selection of "Carte Blanche" and "Frenchy."   Then I used HandSketched Vector Elements by Nicky Latz for decoration inspiration.  Use a regular mechanical pencil first to draw and write, then go over it with white pencil crayon (aka "chalk").

Step 4

Glue together the rail trim to the chalkboard with Quick Grip glue.

Step 5

Seal with Satin spray paint.  I really wanted matte finish, like a real chalkboard, but I couldn't find matte finish spray paint.  My other option was Mod Podge matte finish, but I didn't want streaks on my finish. So unless you aim a light at it, it looks pretty matte with satin.

I thought it was a realistic way that a family could communicate and keep up to date with their little lives.  Some of the menu items are Miss Kitty's favourite things, like curry chickpeas "some some" and "yummy in tummy" are always heard with chickpeas.  Pizza is a grandma and grandpa's house visit menu item and roast chicken and veggies are inhaled.  I should have included the $1 Ikea breakfast.  I cannot get the food fast enough for her!