Tuesday, 24 November 2015

And What Will Santa Leave You?

I've been making stockings.  I hope that I haven't been too cranky this year and Santa is kind to me because.......

.......no one wants a stinky fish in their stocking.  Santa has upgraded from a lump of coal.


  1. hahaha, that would be no fun at all! I don't know if you haven't been too cranky of course, only Santa knows (and your family and friends probably), but from what I gather you are a nice and happy person who will get something nicer than a stinky fish! :D

    1. I've been trying to be nice! Hopefully santa gets my letter pleading for some nice minis for Christmas ;)

  2. because of your funny stuff I forget to mention I love the stockings!

  3. Good job on the stockings Kat!

    And I like the looks of that "stinky fish" cause it makes you look twice! :D