Monday, 13 March 2017

The Mid Century Room Box - Kitchen Reveal!

Since I have been terrible at updating you about the progress of my mid century room box...surpirse! The kitchen is now done!  I'm sure you're thinking, what room box? What kitchen (minus the few short mentions I made and some lighting pictures).  

I made the final push to build the breakfast bar.  BUT, then as I was accessorizing the room I felt I needed a rug.  Just a place to stand and keep your feet warm.  Going with that thought, I decided I wanted a print of some sort.....then as I was coming in my front door after a particularly windy few days, there was lots of birch bark on the ground.  How very Canadian! No beavers, just me and some birch bark....and me holding my Tim Hortons coffee.  It was a moment.  Anyway, I decided that I would stitch a modern interpretation of birch.  I say "modern" because outside of a 60+ count fabric, it wouldn't look very realistic.  It is stitched on a 25 count canvas with black and white DMC floss in a tent stitch.  That slowed down the decoration of the kitchen by a few days!

I am pretty darn pleased with how it all turned out!  

The breakfast bar wall was inspired by the wood walls of the era.  But, I didn't want wood, or rather, the look of additional grains and stains with the already wood heavy living room.  I instead used poster board cut in various thicknesses and glued on an angle.  

Beside the stove there is channeling on the wall.  Again, it reminded me of the wood paneling of the era, but it was now monochromatic.  In fact, the whole room is monochromatic.  The walls, cabinets, ceiling are all "White Bucks" by CIL in an eggshell finish.  It's the wall colour above my wainscoting in my real life basement.

The kitchen cabinetry are all removable should I need to access wires.  This was my first time playing with electricity in a build.  The living room is wired up too, but its show and tell day is next.  Wouldn't you know that as I was styling it, I decided the front door needed a rug too!  So what do you think I've been up to?? 

Up next....the living room!

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  1. It all looks really wonderful! But that Felix the Cat clock is Awesome!!!

  2. It is so wonderful. I love all the details and the pops of color. And I love the birch rug.

  3. It turned out great! The birch rug is fantastic :)

  4. Lovely!! The rug is fantastic, but the cat clock steals the show! :D

  5. Hi Kat!
    Your kitchen is AWESOME! I love the entire room arrangement, rug in front of the sink and the way the breakfast bar is set up against the paneled wall- very practical and Very Modern! I would NEVER have been able to guess that the wall was strips of poster board; Simple and Beautiful and PERFECT!
    I also am enjoying your streamlined cabinetry and the clean look of your stainless steel major appliances, but what strikes me most is the Totally Cool triangular window above the glass door, because it increases the amount of natural light which floods the entire kitchen and makes it all so inviting!
    Bravo Kat- definitely a 10 out of 10!!! :D

  6. Kat this looks amazing! One of the first things I actually noticed was the rug, it's gorgeous! You can't really find anything like that in miniature. I really like the modern design of the birch trees in the stitching too. I can't believe you designed and made it yourself!
    And for a tiny kitchen it looks really well outfitted and like a great place to actually cook! I really like the windows, especially with the tree outside haha. Reminds me of Muskoka cottage country and Georgian bay... you just need a lake! :D

  7. Your kitchen is so well done! I like the details, small lovely rug and the atmosphere!

  8. Absolutely delightful! Scales are near perfect giving us that "is this an real life size room" moment.

  9. This kitchen makes me happy! You have completely conquered all of the stubborn challenges and made a beautiful art piece! Great work, Kat!

  10. What an awesome kitchen. Love all the details.