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A Mini Garden

As if I could not do something mini in the garden, right?  Oh Ebay, you tempted me and I caved.  Miss Kitty has become an avid gardener.  Thank you Peppa Pig and your gardening with Grandpa Pig episode (that we have watched a million times).  She has her shovels, her garden tools carrying bag and her Hello Kitty watering can.  So, I thought, why not indulge both of us and have some fun!

The pink tree, hut, stairs, fence, little girl, squirrel, and dog set all were on Ebay, usually 99 cents an item, so I didn't mind.  The main stone path came from Sheridan Nurseries (never a hardship to go look at the flowers too).  The pot is a few years old and the stones came straight from the shores of Lake Ontario earlier today.

Fortunately the pot has a metal trellis-like cover which prevents little fingers from removing all the little parts, especially the squirrel, the little girl and the dog.   

Now, I just need to figure out where this will go outside and not get flooded when it rains!

Miss Kitty clinging to the trellis in hopes her fingers can get at the dog

And my flower kits from The Miniature Garden arrived today!!  I've never made flowers before so I decided to buy these amazing kits and the supplies (tweezers, dirt and wire).  Not a "right now" project but I will be itching to start them as soon as I start planting in May.  It was over 20 degrees here today, no coat and I was sweating.  Yeah! for spring.