Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Spooky Tea For You?

I picked up a Halloween table setting at the Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto (MET) sale this month.  The setting is By Barb, but purchased from Small Scale Showcase.  It included the cookie/plate stand, plates, placemats, napkins and cups.  The lantern and chairs are from Grandpa's Dollhouse.  The spider cake is from Ebay. The table is from The Little Dollhouse Company.  And finally, the doiley under the cookie stand is from Stewart Dollhouse Creations, but I grabbed them from Grandpa's Dollhouse at the show.  Phew! Lots of bits in these pics!

I tried a few "spooky" filters on the pics....not as spooky as my graveyard pic though. One more set of Halloween pics to post. But that's for Saturday!


  1. A Very cute setting, especially with the ghost chairs pulled up to the table as well as the lantern draped with the cobwebs, providing that additional spooky atmosphere.

    1. I'm glad my hidden ghost reference (chairs) wasn't lost on people! :)

  2. First pic filter reminds me of American Gothic series. Cool. I'm in for long as there's no eyeballs in the mix =0P

  3. Hi! You really have provided spooky atmosphere. Happy Halloween to you!

  4. Yes please, some spooky tea for me, WITH some of that delicious and wonderful looking spidercake! Although the other one looks very appetizing too.. mmm, can I just have two? :D Very nice scene!

  5. Love the scene! I especially love the place settings and the yummy-looking cake!