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The Half Scale Saga - Pt. 3 - The Exterior

We're almost there! The deadline looms and the interior work continues, but I can finally see the finish line. It's good there is a finish date or I would never stop adding and tinkering or designing.

I did the photo shoot for the exterior, bathroom and kitchen in one session. I used a white sheet background because the best light in my backyard didn't translate into the nicest part of my yard to use as a backdrop. And I didn't feel like attracting the neighbours by shooting in my front yard =;)

Voila! The exterior is complete and is child friendly(ish). Lots of construction adhesive and No More Nails were used, along with satin finish polyurethane. I ended up putting a raised edge along the grass perimeter to help ensure little fingers wouldn't have an exposed loose grass edge to pick at (and glued it in place with construction adhesive).

The Nosy Neighbour

The Left Side View

The Right Side View

Roof Details

Porch Details

The Grass

Where To Find - Where To Buy

Micro grass - ebay (bigtreeonline)
Bushes - ebay (sfc direct)
Beehive, Pagoda, Trellis - Michaels
Grey urn planter - Sheridan Nurseries 

Next post......The Bathroom!