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The Half Scale Saga Pt 4. - The Bathroom

The bathroom was the first room to be completed! It was the smallest room with the least amount of furniture. That seemed like an easy choice.  It was very difficult to restrain myself from adding too many cute items, but many of my ideas met with a high likelihood of toddler destruction.

The bathtub is 1:25, purchased from SFC on eBay. I am the proud owner of 5, well, now 4 of them since it was a lot purchase. The scale was fine and the price was great. I used Testors gloss white on the plain grey tub, and gloss silver to mark the "taps."


The 1:24 toilet and the sink are 3D printed by Tisch (who makes awesome 1:24 scale items) in plain white plastic from Shapeways. I was hesitant to sand it, but looking back I could have with no issue. Both were also painted with Testors gloss white and gloss silver.  

I purposely whacked them a few times with Missy Kitty's dolls in a durability test. Better I find out now if they hold up then when I get a call in 6 months to find a solution to a broken sink.  Surprise! They really are durable!  And made more so after I glued them in with several glue contact points.

The Bits And Bobs

The little cabinet is made of balsa, with the handle made of metal scraps I bought in bulk from Qualityhobbyguy on eBay. The trash can is a plastic cap painted gloss silver.  I made a wee toilet paper roll with real toilet paper. I will admit a few attempts.....they kept getting glued to my fingers and tearing.

I made the light fixtures from 2 common jewelry findings and a long metal post with a flat end you use to make dangly earrings. I used lots of glue.  Lots and lots.

The candles on the tub are actually little wood dowel slices I painted, drilled a small hole into and used thread as a wick.

The mirror is a Rocco kit from Melissa's Miniwereld. I also painted it gloss silver.

Other Details

The "tile" walls are paper, purchased many months ago on the sale table at The Little Dollhouse Company.  The baseboards are simple strip wood.  The trim around the door is a thick card stock.  

It's only after you take pictures that you see the areas of a room that look a bit rough. Please ignore the area behind the toilet. This is not an accurate representation of my housekeeping skills. Lol

I've been chugging along in the background each night working away on my super hero playhouse.  It turns out its close to 1:12 scale too.....which makes me want to fill it with all kinds of cuteness.  However, I didn't think those saving or destroying the universe care about cute.  When this bad boy is finished I can turn to all the house chores I've neglected.  Not to mention making the mini Halloween items I have failed to make for this Halloween...oh well :(  Next year I will be well prepared.  

And thank you for all the recent kind comments! I will respond soon!  But, tonight I will be making Halloween candy bags with stickers, rings, etc.  All 150-ish of them for my trick-or-treat-ers.  Eeek.