Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Totally Doing Things That I Did Not Plan....As Usual

When I started the furniture kit making of my kit making bonanza, it was hard to stop myself from wanting to use them immediately.  But then you need to do things like things that have no purpose for the room but why not.....and then you put them in the room box that you haven`t finished.  Sigh.

I`ve made the executive decision to lay straight veneer plank floors of varying length.  I am intrigued by Monique`s discussion of a jig when I take the herringbone plunge.  And yes, I will do it!  But it will be for my next house build. For now, I just need to finish the room box before spring....or Miss Kitty goes to preschool.

A special thanks to the amazing Elizabeth who supplied me with some amazing treats that facilitated the jewelry making.  PS Miss Kitty just discovered the little Hello Kitty that you sent and is IN LOVE!

Miss Kitty is becoming a litle girl, and less of a baby-toddler.  She tells me how she wants to `make minis like mom.`  Makes me so happy! We mini-made today (a snow and slush day here) and she was helpful with her hammer and pliers.  It warms my heart watching her stand at the room box and look at all the little bits and ask questions about them.

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  1. awwww that is just so precious... to be making minis with your little Miss Kitty! :D
    I wish that my daughter had liked dolls or mini toys but even though she hasn't, she has grown up and has proved to be my invaluable critic.
    Meanwhile it looks like your jewelry making was LOTS OF FUN for you Kat and I love the way that you have it displayed too! Glad to know that Miss Kitty found the little Hello Kitty to be of use. :D
    I know too just how one thing leads to another when it comes to what you thought you would be doing and what you end up doing. There is no rational explanation for it is there? So just sit back and enjoy the ride! :D


    1. My main problem is thumbing through design magazines. Then I want to make everything mini!!

  2. Oh my, I got behind a few posts...busy here.

    Enjoy Miss Kitty's interest now, it will wax and wane. My daughter thought it was cute, then couldn't care less, then thought it was artistic, then it was boring, then, then, then....

    1. I'm just looking to score an extra pair of hands when I need to hold things in place ;)