Friday, 12 February 2016

When The Cold Gets To You....

.....make some flowers!

And note the frontage to my room box! It might be too frigid to get out and photograph the room box as planned this weekend...but my mini scenes reveal it inch by inch!

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  1. your flowers are such a beautiful addition to your roomboxfront! Colourful too. I also like the housenumber a lot! Hope the weather will improve so you can make those photo's soon.

    1. Thanks! The house numbers are jewellery charms mounted to scrap opaque plastic. And mounted off the wall using pins.

  2. Hi Kat! Your yellow iris look so cheerful and sunny! Today the rain is making everything soggy and grey, so your flowers are a Most Welcome sight.
    I like the way that you have raised the house numbers against the house. Very effective and as usual- Very Very Clever! :D