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Getting Ready For Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching.  The house is decorated.  Costumes purchased.  Mini scenes.....not so ready.  Ooops.  But on the bright side I finished the half scale house and wrapped it up yesterday.  Only took 3 hours of box making, wrapping and a roll and a half of packing tape.

Miss Kitty will be a doctor.  I will be a nurse.  Daddy will be....daddy.

I went to the Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto (MET) show this past weekend.  So, along with making these scenes with a few items, I actually took pictures of my haul (and edited) them.  I also edited all the half scale house photos.  More posts will be coming soon!       

PS I will also post pictures of my Halloween yard.  Miss Kitty is in LOVE with the ghouls and ghost and witches out there....dodged a bullet!

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