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O.M.E.G.A. Show - Oh Boy!!

I went to the Ontario Miniature Enthusiasts of Guelph Area mini show today!  I went with my wad of fun money to behave myself.  Then I saw many sellers took credit cards.  Game over.  Good intentions out the window......

I had the amazing fortune to discover the table of good being sold by the estate of June Simpson, IGMA fellow in furniture, a fellow Canadian.  June had suffered a health event, and subsequently a close friend and miniature enthusiast was selling large portions of June's mini estate for her.

The cupboard was one of two.  The other (likely in better condition) was kept by June's friend.  This one was missing 2 latches and has a bit of wood separation on the back, but it is still stunning.  I thought I was all done shopping....then turned around and saw the cupboard being place on the table.  I bolted and grabbed it!

It was made by June from what I understand, during a mini class.  The bottom states it was originally owned by Neil and Sherry Burke of Cornwall, Ontario.  I have emailed the folks OMEGA to get the sellers contact, as I have forgotten some of the story she told me about its history.  There were some seriously pushy grannies beside me (not buying, just jostling to look at stuff) and it was hard to focus with hands full and being bumped.

This bench was also from the estate.  It is a signed piece by Judith Blondell from 2001.  The seller said that while she knows Judith's pieces fetch a good price, she was willing to sell this at far less then market value.  I was grateful and excited!

The bench and the chest are by Lutie Anne Presley.  She is Canadian and sells mostly via shows and now online with Small Scale Showcase.  I saw the pieces at the MET show last fall, and I regretted not getting them then. So I grabbed them today.  Beautifully made.

And while I grabbed many small things from the show, below are some fun bits!

From Out Of The Ordinary

From Petite Images

More to come eventually when I sort through all my goodies.  I've been killing myself in the garden recently.  But now everything is cleaned out, dug up and ready to plant.  And I have killer grass this year! I have to say, we tried corn gluten on the grass for the first time (along with the usual dirt and fertilizer) and it looks like a golf green out there!

Next up will be making a Frozen bonanza for Miss Kitty's birthday in June.  I have a few crafty things to make. And I need to give thought to the 2  tier cake with frizon characters...gah!