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Hunter Boots....HBC and a bit of Canadiana

Oh Summer...things are beginning to come to an end.  Frankly, I am getting a bit tired of watering the garden everyday.  But that sunshine is still nice.  Keep your distance Mr. Winter!

In a ode to Fall, I made a Canadiana mini scene.  Nothing says Canada like using a canoe as a hall bench or using your Hudsons Bay point blanket as a wall hanging.  

But I quite enjoy my Hunter boots!

Here is the Hunter boots how-to!

  • Get some 1:12 scale plastic boots (dollhouse store or eBay)
  • Grab some ribbon for the boot liner (mine is a velvet ribbon)
  • Google image the Hunter boots logo.  Try to find the clearest and smallest one out there.  I then opened mine in Word and just shrunk it down until I found the right size
  • Glue ribbon to boot.  Glue logo to ribbon......or forgo the ribbon and glue right to the boot!

That is not much of a how-to, but in case you were wondering, there you go!

And then I had to laugh...and do a happy dance when I posted these to Instagram and Hudsons Bay liked my picture!