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Bookcase It Is!

I have been incredibly busy the last two or so weeks!  Even though I have all my pictures ready and projects underway, getting to write was always on the bottom of my list.

I've almost finished the bathroom and I've started modifying my store bought kitchen cabinets.  Miss Kitty mucks about in the furnace room as I dart in and out to apply clear coats on the cupboards.  She's not terribly amused that I wont let her paint.

I decided to make a few permanent add-ins to the living room, the fireplace and the bookcase.  I was all set with the wood on my table to start building a bookcase when my eyes wandered to the cupboard I had purchased from Michael's last year.  The style was never going to work, but I knew I could use it for something.  This was the perfect opportunity to save a bit of time and work with what I had.

The Inspiration

  • My own white built-in bookcases I built for my living room.


  • A Michael's pine hutch
  • Small popsicle sticks
  • Small feet or wood blocks (cut to meet your height needs)
  • Paint
  • Quick Grip glue
  • Scrap wood for additional shelves
  • Miter saw and box
  • Coping saw
  • Sandpaper 
  • Wood filler

I started with this bad boy from Michael's. Not very inspiring to look at.  I ended up chopping it almost in half, popped out the doors and snapped out the shelves.

Lots of sanding and wood filler to make it look good!

I tossed on a new bottom shelf from some scrap wood I had once I figured out the height I was setting it at.  I liked it just under the mantle.  It butts up tight to the side of the fireplace behind the fireplaces front spindle.  

I then glued on little button feet to give it support.  The feet were actually the perfect height.  Had it not worked I would have used scrap wood.

I then used a narrow popsicle stick as my baseboard.  I used my lovely coping saw to make the board fit over the base of the fireplace.  

I then miter cut the other end and did the same for the piece of trim on the right side of the bookcase.

I also used some scrap balsa wood to put in 2 shelves.

Off to prime and paint!  I used my left over CIL Smart Melamine finish paint in "Romance."  Super durable for little ones to bash into.  "Romance" is a lovely white with a hint of grey.  It's everywhere in my house including my trim, kitchen cabinets and doors.  

There you have it!  A little Quick Grip glue and its officially a built-in!  My first item to be permanently stuck in the dollhouse (I didn't glue the fireplace in prior just to make sure everything would fit).

And now to style it......