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Starburst Mirror

I was wandering HomeSense at 5pm with Kitty in tow.  Just killing time before snack and bath time. They have such nice wall decor!  Fast forward to a Pinterest moment a week later when I stumbled across the blog Sawdust and Embryos and their gorgeous DIY starburst mirror.  A  design moment struck!  I thought, well, if they can make a full size version with cardstock, I can make a 1:12 version.  Beth at Sawdust and Embryos was kind enough to allow me to go ahead and make the mirror in miniature using her real life version as inspiration.  Thanks Beth!

The Inspiration


  • Gold cardstock
  • 0.5 inch mirror
  • Scissors
  • Embossing stylus
  • Quick Grip glue

I cut 2 different sizes of, lets call them, "leaves,"  The largest was 1 inch-ish and the small one was 0.5 inch-ish with the tail portion included in the measurement

The rectangular tail portion is to adhere the leaves to the center of the mirror

I cut a 3/4 inch circle as my base to glue the leaves to.

You need 14 large leaves and 12 small leaves.

I wanted a mirror that was large enough for over my fireplace, but you can easily make this smaller, just cut your leaves smaller and cut a few extra.

Run your finger name down the middle of the leaf to make a crease, this helps with the curve and makes it look leaf-like.

Use your embossing stylus (or anything small and blunt), with the leaf in your hand, and gently rub it over the leaf.  You are softening the paper and causing it to curl up slightly at the edges

I adhered the large leaves to the back of the circle.  If you were to adhere everything to the front there would be waaaay too much bulk at the front

When I was finished gluing the large leaves to the circle, I flipped it over and placed a small rectangle of paper on the center point.  This covers the center to ensure all the leaves are secured and provides a safe place to adhere your wall mounting adhesive when you place it on a wall.

Flip it back over and adhere the small leaves to the front of the circle.  Try not to make a massive hump of tails in the center, as you might need to trim some tails before you adhere them.

I then adhered the small mirror over top the center of the mirror.

And there you have it!  The mirror over my fireplace!

What fireplace? What faux stone? When did that happen????  I told you I am slow getting things posted.  The work is progressing but I just fall behind with the photos!  I will share the first permanently adhered into the dollhouse project soon.