Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Yum. Yum. Yum.

This is my Christmas social tea and treats get together.  The ladies....well, they like to eat! 

I consider myself a connoisseur of ebay polymer clay goods....those who don't create, know where to buy!  I was particularly lucky to score the cupcakes by Fran's Miniatures on ebay early in November.  They are hard to get and the bidding can get a bit much for her items.  But I am cheap...and waited...and watched and got 1 of the 3 sets I bid on!  And I love the doilies under the candy and marshmallow jars were also on ebay.  They are crocheted by a fellow Canadian, Alice Louise.  They are so fine and lay flat...absolutely lovely!

I was excited to make my "candy."  They are round ball (real life) sprinkles.  The "marshmallows" are the foam punch outs from Miss Kitty's ornaments she decorates for afternoon craft time.  The hole was where the string goes (which is my job to do as she tells me) and I saw them and held on to them.  Now they are marshmallows!

My foray into clay...drum roll....the icing bag.  Filled it with clay.  *mic drop*....fade to black.

And yes, soon I will return to mini making and house building. But this stuff is too much fun!

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  1. that looks very yummy indeed Kat, I wouldn't mind diving in! :D Wow, those doilies are very fine and beautiful, can't believe they're crocheted.. And those cupcakes: amazing, I can only imagine how thrilled you must have been to win this bid! Those ladies are lucky with this Christmas-tea :D

  2. now I forget: so smart how you made the candy and marshmellows, I think it's always great fun to get great looking mini's in ways like that :D

  3. Just looking at this yummy table makes my mouth water.
    The cupcakes were well worth waiting for. I also love the gingerbread
    house. In fact I love all that's on this table.
    Hugs, Drora