Thursday, 24 December 2015

Waiting For Santa

Tis Christmas Eve!

Its not yet dark but the children are excited for Santa.  They are reading books with their parents.  A plate of cookies and some milk are left out, hoping Santa will take a bite as he stops by to leave their gifts.

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  1. Hi Kat, another lovely Christmasscene, and great details! I love those pillows :D

  2. a bit to quick, because I also wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas of course!

  3. Hi Kat, could not work out where o leave a comment concerning all the work you must have done creating the decorations for the Christmas tree... It is time consuming, but oh so satisfying. In fact time becomes liquid and simply flows away when we enjoy making minis.
    Hope the turkey turned out well and you had a merry day.
    All the best for 2016!
    Regards Janine

    1. I hope your Christmas was mini-rific Janine! The turkey was delish....but I'm Turkey'd out now...enough till Thanksgiving😃

  4. Hi Kat! ( aka Santa) :D
    please contact me again via email, since I accidently deleted your email address.