Friday, 22 April 2016


The ski season has now passed, but there is something nice about a nice ski lodge and some fun times après-ski.  If only I was a boho hipster with a sweet little chalet to relax in....oh to dream!

I had fun making the art. The large 'B' print and the grey framed picture hangin on the wall are my photography from the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, NV. A must to visit in Las Vegas!

Window Scene Tip

First tip: shoot outdoors whenever possible.  But if you are a) lazy b) have bad weather and can't wait or c) make/photography minis when you don't have natural on!

Here's my window scene secret: I get design magazine subscriptions (and other assorted ones come my way too) and I go through them and hunt for spreads that have large images of the outdoors. If you mount them on a book, play around with the distance (between house and photo) and get the right lighting you can make it work! The book mount also allows you to turn the picture so you can capture it when you shoot at different angles. It's great for taking pics at night or like now, when nothing is growing in the garden to act as a backdrop.

Where To Buy - Where To Find

  • 2 large photos - my photography
  • Wall art, Ikea pillows, books, magazines - me
  • Petit Point pillows - Tremeer's Treasures
  • McDonalds bag -
  • Rug - Deserres
  • Kate Spade cell phone holder (bed) - Chapters
  • Sandals - buttons painted by me


  1. Awesome scene! I could daydream there awhile... Also - great tip on the magazine photo backdrop!

    1. Oh BTW... I got married in Las Vegas over 29 years ago at Candlelight Wedding Chapel across from Circus Circus. The minister looked and acted just like Wink Martindale, so Russ and I felt like we'd not only gotten married but won some fabulous game show, too!

    2. Nothing is better then envious you got married there! We did our honeymoon there and saw all that Nevada had to offer in 2 weeks. I could live there...its a family joke when we say we're going on vacation, they all ask if we're going to Vegas!

  2. I LOVE Jodi's postscript about her "Wink Martindale" minister!!! :D
    And I'm LOVING your winter scene Kat! Who but you would see a potential sofa bed in a cell phone holder????? You Clever girl! :D


    1. Thank you! I'm a clearance rack sniffer dog. If there's a mini on sale to be had, I'm there!

  3. Fabulous! And thanks so much for the tip!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it Claudia! While I love shooting with real outdoor scenes in Windows, sometimes the magazine pictures (in natural light) are just simpler.