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A Little Space For A Little Kitty

If I were an urban hipster this is what I would imagine Miss Kitty's room would look like.  I have some of these elements in her room, but I'm currently a little more grey and white then all this colour.  I suspect things will change as Miss Kitty's ability to voice her 2 year old opinion has improved!

The dresser is missing handles, I know.  I couldn't find what I wanted so I ordered some supplies to make my own, but the scene needed a dresser!

The rest is just bits and bobs I have laying about.  The rug is from Ikea, but they are sold as "decorative patches" in the sewing section.  5 different kinds for $4.99!

I'm actually in the wall gluing process of both the room box and the 1:24 scale dollhouse......did you feel the earth move?  I've improved my mood toward them.  Thank you Elizabeth your kind words greatly improved my mood!

Not sure why I had the urge to start making a mini scene at 11:50pm, but I did!  Good night and sleep tight.