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Everything Is Coming Up Roses (And Ferns)

I finished my roses and fern kits.  Over the course of several days, a few glasses of wine in the evenings and much trepidation about making a mess of the floral kits, I finally an able to yell, success!!!  Well, I think so, that is.

I made the 1:12 red roses and the 1:12 fern  from Melissa's Miniwereld on Etsy.  Melissa makes very nice kits, and if I can make them on my first try, then any fool can do it.  Seriously.  But make sure you have some wine as you work.

What Did I Do?

First order of business, I didn't rush like I normally do.  I accepted this wasn't a 1 evening or a Miss Kitty nap time project.  I carefully glued each set of petals and leaves and let them dry.  I didn't do any fluffing or adjusting for 24 hours.  I didn't want mistakes.

Second, I didn't cheap out like I usually try to do.  I purchased fine tweezers from The Miniature Garden when I ordered flower kits a few months ago.  They were instrumental to my success.  I also used a metal poker that came with my knife set and fresh white glue.

The Fern Kit

When I Google imaged a real fern I felt a bit less lost.  I had a vision of a fern, but the actual picture made it easier to visualize the final piece.

I took pictures of the fern in 2 different vignettes.

Thank you for everyone's kind comments over the last few posts!  I've been trying to respond in a timely matter, but Miss Kitty has cut her naps short the past 2 weeks.  Let's just say mama ain't so pleased.