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Shapeways Fun!

My Shapeways order arrived!  This is my first foray into additive manufacturing and  3D printed plastic miniature items. I had lusted for some 3D printed items for a while and I caved. They had free shipping at the end of August. Technically it was 2 orders......I regretted not getting the extra faucets, so I went ahead and ordered. The real reason I ordered was to get a 1:24 scale toilet and sink for the puzzle house. You know that moment when you realize that "sure I can make that" really translates to "not a snowballs chance in hell I can make that"?  I hit that moment and ordered!

It's amazing! The toilet and sink are from DSTEIN Scale Furniture. I had issues getting a good shot of the sink, so check out the shop. My chairs came from Marion Russek.....I would buy all her chairs if I could. And I purchased her Nespresso machine, faucets and stacking box designed by Pepper. My other purchase came from Paper Doll Miniatures.  Kristine makes great faucets.

And then I browsed.....and browsed....and decided to get something not 1:12 but use it in 1:12. Jorzi's Miniatures and Stuff made a modern urban light post. It's geared for railways? Dioramas? I'm not sure what scale it is actually.  It's 4 inches high, but not that I read that when I bought it. Thankfully it was a happy mistake. I'm going to use it as a floor lamp!

My in-laws are making a trip out to visit the family of the little one the puzzle dollhouse is intended for at the end of October. This is now my finishing deadline. October 23.  It hangs over me. But! I will be making some mini scenes with my new Shapeways items soon! And I will post progress on the cottage again.  The exterior is complete along with the bathroom and kitchen!!!

Here's a little something on the creating and manufacturing process!