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Within A Designer's Room

I do love a good project!  I placed a Shapeways order in August with their free shipping event.  I went a little overboard. In conversation with Shapeways, I learned more about 3D printed miniatures and additive manufacturing, and how they can be used.  More excitingly, they now print not only in plastic, but coloured sandstone, frosted plastic, stainless steel, precious metal and porcelain (hello bathroom fixtures!!!).  I might one day delve into making something on Shapeways, because they make it rather easy for those of us (like me) that aren't savvy in the art of computer design.  

The pressure was on to create!  And what better way to show off the wonder of 3D printed miniatures then a mini scene!!!  I've already shot the 1:24 scale 3D printed bathroom in the half scale house, but I went ahead and made a scene for 3 mini items in 1:12 scale.
I ordered them all in plain white plastic.  They were painted in Testors model paint in gloss black and gloss gold.  The seat of the Wishbone chair was painted in Americana acrylic craft paint in "Desert Sand."

Then I decided to use my unfinished room box as the stage.  Then I decided to make (almost) everything else from scratch to fill the scene.  Then.....I thought, this is really involved.  See the bottom of the post of the low down on what I used and from where. 

All in, it was about 2 weeks of working from 8pm to midnight from starting to make everything to end of writing this blog post.

I included lots and lots of pictures.  Sorry, I'm rather happy with the scene and I just couldn't decide what to include!

The Scene
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Where To Buy - Where To Find - What Was Used


I had issues making them pool nicely on the floor.  I had ironed pleats into them, then gently ironed the pleats out so they weren't stiff looking but had some pleating left.  Then I figured out the point on the drape where the "pooling" should start.  I applied hot glue to a strip of balsa then attached the drapes at the "pooling" line.  Then I used double sided tape to stick the balsa to the floor.  Voila!