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Bloomin' While I Chill

Ah.  So.  Back to mini making!  I am trucking away at my rug....and OMG I now understand why they are so expensive to buy.  So.  Much.  Work.  I stopped the 40 count pillow for now.  Just too much on my eyes to keep at it.  It's sitting on the bar top across from the couch in my basement.  It stares at me.  We will meet again, soon....but not now.

Had a migraine yesterday so sewing was out of the question.  All is well today, so I tackled my Bonnie Lavish cymbidium orchid kit and my yellow dahlia kit that I purchased some time ago from Grandpa's Doll House.  I did a bit of painting on the orchid.  It's hard to see because I used my cell phone for the pictures.  I love my BlackBerry 10, but the camera is so-so at best.

More work on stitching the rug tomorrow.  But tonight its some wine and fiddling with my dahlia blooms!