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Sew Sew Sew Your Boat Gently Down The Stream..........

I decided that since I was making such good progress working through my kits that I would try my hand at a new skill, petit point.

I can cross stitch and I'm already wearing glasses, so I figured I am well suited for tiny stitching.  I ordered 2 pillow kits from Janet Granger.  I like symmetry with pillows on a couch, so I went with 2 of the same "Tree of Life"kit.  I actually made the 2 pillows with the thread from just 1 kit,  bonus for me!  It is on 22 count canvas and measures roughly 3.5cm x 3.5cm.

The kits arrive.  I have a panic attack about not knowing what the %*#* I'm doing and then order 1 more pillow kit, "The Golden Star,"  from Melissa`s Miniwereld in 40 count (ahhhh!).  Then I ordered the Bokhara rug kit (24 count gauze) from Tremeer's Treasures still not know what the %$*#; I'm doing.  But that's ok! That`s what YouTube is for!!!

After my YouTube adventures reassured me that I could do it and showed me the necessary stitches, I was good to go.  Three evenings later I had 2 pillows completed.

My YouTube Resources

I'm off to working on 1 more pillow and then start the rug (which I will work on in the background).  But if I can petit point, anyone can.  Just be prepared to go a bit blind, have a sore neck and a stiff hand.

Some Other Sewing....

And here are some of my Ikea Finurlig fabric (cheap stack of fabric swatches) pillows that I managed to make.  Miss Kitty was fascinated with the sewing machine.  And she helped me fill my pillows with seed beads.  Needless to say, it took awhile to fill each one.

And I put together 2 quilt kits from Tremeer's Treasures.  Could I say no to a $3.50 complete kit? No.  The first one (blue) I hand sewed entirely.  Mostly, because I hadn't planned to "quilt" it with lines of stitches.  The red quilt was done on my sewing machine, but I had stitched the white border on.