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A Question.....Reed

I've recently purchases a few "new old stock" reed/rattan kits.  The above pictured, and another large sofa.  The instructions seem clear, however, challenging with all the wetting and bending and pinning and.....the list goes on.

Anyone ever completed a similar type of reed project and wish to share their triumphs or miserable fails?  I'd be very appreciative.

I need to head out to the model train shop to get some of this magical gap filling, sandable, crazy glue that the Twin Palms kits describe.  

This is what happens when you realize that you love "granny chic" style and wish you had furniture from The Golden Girls set.

(As a side note, if you want to unload any reed/rattan items ESPECIALLY kits, drop me an email via my Contacts tab - I'm fussy, so don't be offended if its not a good fit, or postage costs kill the after glow).