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Cooking Up A Kitchen

The mini charity house has been progressing slowly! Miss Kitty's school is taking up lots of time, but I've been squeezing in mini sanity time with this build.

All my Ebay items are every so slowly arriving.  I managed to score a great deal on this kitchen because it was at auction prices.  And when it arrived, the counter and the sink had detached.  I emailed the seller and they gave me a partial refund on it!  After a little glue and fiddling it's all back in one piece.

This was the kitchen before I renovated
I papered the back wall with a tile paper and spray painted the hood and hooks with stainless steel spray paint.  I really wanted to use that blank cabinet as a fridge, but I had to butt the stove section up against it.  So, in this house they have no fridge.....meh.

The amazing Jodi Hippler (My Miniature Madness) sent me a box of goodies for this build, and the faucet worked perfectly!!  Check it out in her Shapeways store!  And then Keli sent me some mini goodies for the build too.  This house will be fully stocked....and apparently I will be building another house next year given the quantity of furniture I have!

And once I finished the kitchen I couldn't resist putting my minis in it to play around.  It's my reward for finishing!

I'm hoping the bathroom vanity arrives soon so I can finish that room next.

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