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Completed Summer Projects!

I actually completed some of my many on-going projects over the summer.  Yes, its a miracle.  It's the plight of the mini maker, a thousand projects on the go and the guilt associated with never finishing most of them.  

I made this grey velvet sofa for the charity build.  But I like it so much I am going to make myself one!  It's a little too deep for me, so I will slim this design down. It was a nice thin velvet, so it was easy to manipulate and not too bulky.

I also finished the Tabriz rug kit from Janet Granger.  The kit said small, and I never read instructions so I went with it.  Ha!! It's just over 8'x5', not very small at all!  Possibly the most boring stitching project that I've done, but I love the pattern.  It can go in any room and any era.  The rust colour isn't too red or orange either, so it doesn't over power a room.

This evening I started gluing down the fixed elements on the charity build, the cabinets and the TV unit.  Tomorrow I will glue in the ceiling light.  I'm making good progress (so far!).

It's Miss Kitty's first day of Kindergarten tomorrow.  Mini me is growing up!

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