Monday, 30 December 2019

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  

2019 was a busy year.  2020 will bring lots more time for minis, so hang on!

I had a little fun creating this New Year's party scene.  These folks sure know how to party.

Where To Buy - Where To Find

Sofa and Sideboard - MitchyMooMiniatures (Etsy)

Coffee Table - Keenderson Miniatures

Chinese Food/Tylenol/Cake Box - Paper Minis

Bar Cart - Jane Harrop

Bar Mixer & Ice Bucket -


  1. Happy New Year Kat and may I say that your mini people certainly Do know how to party- hardy! Even so, I hope that the Tylenol has helped and that the after party cleanup is without too much of a headache- A Terrific Scene! ;D


  2. Wonderful little slice of life! I especially like the Chinese food cartons.

  3. Happy New Year Kat and Great News! Can't wait to see what you share in 2020!
    Your scene is hilarious! My family room looked similar, but replace all the human stuff with dog toys and their dismembered body parts and a stuffing explosion!

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