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It's Christmas Time! with HBS and

The Christmas countdown is on! While most of us haven't started Christmas shopping yet, if you want to get your Christmas minis ready, the clock is ticking.  Fear not, you have time and hopefully I can provide some inspiration.  Hobby Builder Supply (HBS) and asked me to put together a Christmas scene using an assortment of products from

Those of you who have followed me all these years might have noted I haven't always posted elaborate Christmas scenes, but this year I started early (June!) and was determined to make a not one but TWO Christmas scenes.

The Room Box

The first part was choosing the road less traveled, meaning, I decided to make a new room box for the Winter White Christmas Scene.  If you're interested in a bit of that journey, check out my post The Formal Room Box

Two important features of the room box are the fireplace's brick wall and the fireplace itself.  The brick wall is a piece of MDF covered in the Embossed Light Brick Sheet.  I primed it and painted it with the wall colour.  The Jamestown Fireplace comes unfinished.  I chose to paint it my wall colour and used the same brick sheet to line the inside of the fireplace.

Once the room box was completed, I began assembling pieces from and my collection.  Many of the pieces from were painted or embellished to work with my scene, so please take a look at my shopping list at the end to find all the items.

Winter White Christmas Scene

We begin by peeking into the mini family's living room.  They're safe and warm from the cold snow.

The Tree

The Douglas Fir Trees make the perfect Christmas tree.  It has lots of flocked branches that are the perfect place to dangle Christmas balls and garland.  I simply cut a 1"x 1" square of wood, drilled a small hole in the center and glued the tree in place.  A small dab of wax held the base in place. has an entire Christmas page where you can find ornaments for your tree.

The Fireplace

While this family might not be toasting marshmallows (given how clean the fireplace is!), I'm sure Santa can find his way down.  The Jamestown fireplace comes unfinished.  I simply added a little of the brick paper to the inside and then painted the entire thing  in my wall colour.

The fireplace features two trees, painted white using spray paint.  The Four Green Mini Trees, and many other bottle brush trees on, can easily be sprayed a colour to match your Christmas decor.

The Gold Bamboo Mirror....well, its not gold anymore!  Using an x-acto knife, I gently pried the mirror from the frame.  I then spray painted the frame white and glued the mirror back on.

Will Santa Visit?

It would appear the mini family left some milk and cookies out for Santa!

I continued to make some easy modifications to my furniture items.  I took the White Storage Table and cut off the tiny legs to lower it to coffee table height!  Even though it was already white, I have it a coat of white paint to match my walls.  This versatile piece has a shelf underneath of display baskets or other accessories.

The table also features Three White "Simple Shapes" Vases and How The Grinch Store Christmas.  Santa won't be disappointed with his 3-Pc. Cookies for Santa Set (and a note written to him).


Other Secrets

The living room also features the beautiful unfinished Hudson Side Table.  To age the wood I diluted grey paint in water and brushed it on the table.  The paint darkens the nooks and crannies and a little light sanding distresses the wood.

The table is also topped with one of the Set of Three Pink Candy Dishes that I spray painted metallic to match my decor.  Just be sure to select a spray paint that can adhere to plastic.  I used a bit of wax to adhere the dish to cardboard before I sprayed, because I learned the hard way that the paint stream will knock it right over!

One of my favourite pieces is the Dress Form on a Stand.  This is a simple black plastic Chrysnbon piece that is very versatile. Using a make-up sponge I dabbed the form with gold paint.  Once dry, I used linen to cover the bodice, which was adhered using a regular tacky glue.   

The simple and beautiful Unfinished Demilune Table is tucked up against the wall.  I used a white, water-based stain and antiqued by dry brushing it with grey paint.

Christmas Dinner

Now, I couldn't just make one scene, could I?  When I think about Christmas, I always think of the delicious food and the groaning table.  The mini meal is much more exciting to work on then the real life meal.  Not that I don't enjoy it, but preparing that raw turkey tries my Christmas spirit.

The Dinner

I chose the Garnished Turkey and Platter, which is full of detail and the centerpiece of the meal. I added in the Turkey Dinner Plate with Side of Cranberries and the Green Bean Casserole to complete my meal.  For added realism I use the Carving Knife and Fork Set along with the 3-Pc. Silver Flatware Set.

Come Have A Look Around!

If turkey isn't your thing, try the Garnished Ham Platter.  I apologize, I didn't think to supply a vegan option at this meal ;).  

Those little Christmas trees I used in the previous scene made their way over here too!

The Book of Mini

As I may have mentioned, I was generously included in The Book of Mini by Kate Unver.  The great folks at and HBS also have 3 images included in the book too.

The holiday season is almost here!  Consider giving your loved ones a copy.  Kate is a huge champion of our hobby and you can follow her at The Daily Miniatures (@dailymini) on Instagram.  Her Instagram features mini artist from around the world.  It has led me to make a few discoveries that I would have never known about!

So, I can officially say that I've crossed something off my holiday list, my miniature scenes!  Thanks again to Hobby Builders Supply and for their support with this post.  

Your shopping list!

Here's the shopping list for the living room:

How The Grinch Stole Christmas book

3 pcs Cookies for Santa Set

Set of Three Pink Candy Dishes

Two Dress Forms on Stands Chrysnbon

Hudson Side Table

White Storage Table

Douglas Fir Trees

Jamestown Fireplace

Embossed Light Brick Sheet

Unfinished Demilune Table

Gold "Bamboo" Mirror

Three White "Simple Shapes" Vases

Four Green Mini Trees (painted white)

Here's the shopping list for the Christmas dinner:

Garnished Ham

Turkey Dinner Plate  with Side of Cranberries

Garnished Turkey and Platter

Green Bean Casserole

Carving Knife and Fork Set 

Four Green Mini Trees (painted white)

3-Pc. Silver Flatware Set

This post received support from Hobby Builders Supply and