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Well Hello Again!

 Well Hello Again!

I have to admit that some significant time has passed since I last blogged about my miniatures.  It was a mix of things that kept me busy like the pandemic, life and moving.  My goal is to blog more and eventually redo everything in to a proper website.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves!  I post mostly to Instagram these days, so feel free to follow me there @kitty_and_kat_miniatures

Since this is a bit of a catch up, I'll just show you some items from about the last 6 months.


I had the berry pots in my stash for a very long time.  But I hadn't located a strawberry kit that looked accurate enough to inspire me.  Then about a year ago I stumbled upon Moonflower Mini Garden on Etsy.  The flower kits are amazing.  The have such fine detail, include everything you need and have step by step colour photos. 

Mini Modern

When I'm feeling inspired I often love to pull out my modern minis made by Pepper Micheson of MitchyMoo Miniatures. Its a bit like Where's Waldo in these images, there are so many of her pieces!  But lets try! The red sofa, blue floor lamp, coffee table, armoire, Ikea poang chair...and there may be more but just not in these shots.

After waiting and watching their website, I ordered myself a mini lava lamp from Shepherd Miniatures.  It lights up and is such a delight!

Random Bits of Fun

I am in love with this beautiful orchid from Martha Mclean Miniatures (orchid by Pat Richard and glass by Ray Storey).  The dinner setting was vintage and purchased on Ebay (no artist listed).

I really do have a soft spot for The Golden Girls.  1980's Miami vibe miniature are so much fun.  I made the couch from a vintage kit.  My first attempt at bending and shaping bamboo strips went better then expected.  The charcuterie came from MarshmellowHugs on Etsy and the tiki glasses are from Stewart Dollhouse Creations.

I have so much more to share!  Recall my Mid Century Build? Well that was finally finished and it looks amazing.  I will post about that gem really soon.