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The Great Bathroom Reveal

I am very proud of myself and the first room I have completed.  So I apologize for the excessive number of pictures in this post.  And it truly is a "done" room, its all glued or nailed down.  Literally.  Toddler safe.  There is enough Tacky Glue, Quick Grip glue, Mod Podge and No More Nails glue in this room to sink a small boat. I am tired of picking it off my fingers every night.

The Shopping List

I will go further into accessories, art and lighting in future posts.  Too much to write all in one night.

I painted out the brown toilet seat to a nice white.  The bath taps were painted grey

If you can't have mini Restoration Hardware items, you can copy their 'Le Bain' line

All shower hardware painted out grey.  The shower doors refuse to stay closed

I am picky.  I needed to add vents, light switches and outlets. 

The vanity and mirror were expresso brown.  I had to change it.  The mirror is now a metallic hammered finish.
I could not resist making perfume bottles

I thought I reached a new level of weird when I made trash for the trash can

I had to make a tissue box.  Its cold and flu season.

I will share where I got my Printies in a later post.  Made my own bum wipe rolls!
 My husband was not impressed I took the straws off the juice boxes for pipes.

The faux rattan bench I made.  Double light switch for ceiling light and sconces.

A view from the bedroom entrance

And there you have it!  My first room done.  I'll discuss specifics about the vanity items, vent, art and lighting later this week (hopefully).