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Bathroom Lights

Lighting is always key to a room.  Since I have a non-electrified dollhouse I just need them to look pretty!  The big bathroom mirror was calling for 2 sconces on either side.

The Inspiration

  • Lights to put on makeup 
  • Balance and beauty

  • 3M Command Medium Cord Organizer Clips (Clear).  Here's a link to the packaging picture
  • A round bead you like (mine are referred to as raspberry beads)
  • Quick Grip glue
  • Gold paint (I used a paint marker)
  • Cutting tool (knife, mini saw, etc)

I was fortunate that the beads I chose actually pull apart in rows,  I discovered this as I put it in the vice and had my saw to it to take the top quarter off.

The little bumps are actually in circles stacked on each other.  I pulled 2 rows off and revealed a top hole.  Perfect!

I cut off the little plastic "arm" on the organizer clips to have a smooth back plate.

When I did this the first time I had no intention of using the leftover arm.  Then I looked down at in on my bench.  It was the perfect decorative arm support!  Winner winner chicken dinner.

This picture better illustrates the arm from the plate.

I took the bead and glued it to the top half of the clear backing plate.

I then took the plastic arm and inserted the end WITHOUT the ball into the bottom of the bead, and glued it.  Then glued the arm to the plate.

I then took my gold pen marker and painted the inner circle of the bead since it was visible.

As you can see from the title picture its pretty simple to put together.  You can use any bead you like.  Its all about the plate and the arm.  I know the 3M Cord Organizer Clips come in small, medium, and large so you can adjust it to your needs.  But I really like the clear backing plate part because it can be used in countless applications.