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Toilet Art

Above the bathroom toilet I needed art.  I have been painting pictures and framing them, but I didn't want a painted picture.  I recalled some neat toilet paper roll art I had seen on Pinterest.  They slice toilet paper rolls into circles and crimp an end to make them into a point.  Then glue them to a wall in a flower and vine motif.  Not something I would do in my house.  But I kinda liked the idea.

The Inspiration

  • Toilet paper roll art on Pinterest (take a look, my description doesn't do it justice)
  • Art to inspire you in the bathroom


  • Balsa wood scraps
  • Paper straws
  • Gold paint (I used a gold paint marker) and black paint
  • Tweezers
  • Quick Grip glue
  • Knife

I cut a 1x1 inch square from my scraps of balsa.  Then I painted it gold and trimmed the edges with black paint for contrast.

I took small slices off my gold and white paper straw (from Target) and used my tweezer to make a point on the circles (like a flower petal).  If you press too hard or have a thin straw you might already have a point made as you cut.

Then, I used the Quick Grip glue and glued them down in a flower shape.

The picture doesn't do it justice.  It's super zoomed in.  Take a look at it on my bathroom reveal posts.  It looks better on the wall.  Simple and easy!