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Simple Taps For Your Sink

The standard economy kitchen taps didn't cut it.  However, I didn't want to order or plan a trip to the dollhouse store to get new taps.  Or go to Michael's because of the thousands of beads and findings I have didn't match the ones from the tap tutorials I found.  Because nothing goes as planned.

It was 11:30pm.  I should have been in bed.  Instead I was mucking about at the work bench when I literally glanced up at the neat clear box marked "Wire Management/Non-Skid Item."  Yes, I have a label maker and I enjoy using it to label and organize everything.  There they were, my wire clips!  I thought, taps!  While this may have been sleeplessness talking, it actually worked.  And I still like them a month out.

The Inspiration

  • Modern taps to replace the economy ones on the cabinets


  • The cable clips are called the following: 
    • Coaxial Staples
    • Bell Wire Staples
    • Cable Clips
      • Google the above for the image.  You have them in your house.  Likely, you have some in a drawer.  Or head to the hardware store.
  • Cable clips in a medium/large size (faucet) and a tiny size (handles)
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Craft knife
  • A nail
  • Grey paint and silver paint
  • Top coat (Mod Podge)

First,  I am sorry for not taking pictures of the raw materials.  And Picasa is a pain to upload to every time I want to add something.  So please tolerate my overly wordy descriptions.

Step 1

Take 2 of the medium/large cable clips.  You choose the size that best works with your scale.  They're cheap, so buying a box or 2 wont break the bank.

Clip 1 will have part of the arch cut off for the tip of the faucet (see above).  It's where the "water" will come out.

Clip 2 is for added height at the base of the faucet.  Not necessary, but a single clip seemed too low to get your hands under to wash.  You can see the seam in the above picture where I cut through the clip where the nail goes through.  It maybe added 2mm in height, but I liked it.  Remove the nail when you cut!  You will need a longer nail now to drive through both pieces and into the wood.  A finishing nail should work just fine.

Step 2

Take 2 of the tiny clips (I think this size is for telephone wire).  Cut off the arch at the middle of the clip to form a handle.  

Step 3

Drill your tiny holes for the taps nails to go into.  Don't try to just hammer them in without drilling.  You will destroy the taps and hammer your fingers.  Then gently tap the nails through the cable clips.  Drill the holes slightly larger then needed.  I added some glue on the nail to ensure it held tight, and the larger hole prevented damage to the sink.

Step 4

Paint the plastic with a medium grey paint and then add a coat of silver to get stainless steel.  I then top coated with Mod Podge to seal the paint.

My Ooops!

I had actually painted them before I nailed them in.  Didn't work very well.  As I tapped it in, the paint cracked and flaked.  So I had to start again with the paint.