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Hello! Spring??

If I will it to be will happen....right?  I'm still hopeful.  After my furnace died and was repaired, I ended up getting a new furnace.  Then a week later, the pipe that feeds the shower head developed a hole and ended up giving me a nice hole in my basement ceiling.  Sigh.  Drywall time!  Miss Kitty was pretty cute during all this.  As I was up on a ladder sawing a hole in the ceiling to find the leak and let the water out, she meandered into the furnace room and played with my newly created minis (the Hello Kitty from Elizabeth in particular).  Her line, "it's ok mom, I'm being gentle." And she was...just sneaky and sweet.  Then as I got all under control and rushed her off to swimming lessons, I looked over as I arrived and realized I forgot her bag with her swimsuit.  Too late to go back, so we went shopping to ease my soul.

So then it was mini time to feel better!

I put together a little kitchen scene.  The feature is the rather old and worn cabinet I found last summer at the antique market.  And to think I considered leaving it behind!  I cleaned it up with a few rubbing alcohol wipes, water and q-tips.  What you see isn't dirt, just wear and tear.  I plan to replace the missing shelf inside the top portion ( day!).  The pottery on the floor is by IGMA fellow Carolyn Nygren Curran, also from the antique market.

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