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Retro Dresser....And The Building Bug!

I got bit by building bug! I needed some bedroom furniture, and while I have some House of Miniatures kits, they weren't quite right.  Then I had a, I didn't black out, I actually recalled a magazine project that quite suited my needs!  The Dolls' House Magazine (November 2015) had a retro dresser project that was perfect.

Following instructions is always a challenge for me.  I grabbed some 1/16th sheet wood and took to making it.  Yes, I read the instructions! Instead of making it a single dresser, I made it a double.  And because I wanted to ensure I enjoyed the process and didn't swear up a storm, I made false drawer fronts.

What I Did

I made the case of the dresser from 1/16th sheet wood.  Then I made the 3 drawer fronts.  It took a bit of fiddling to make them fit and shave off equal amounts from each front.

To ensure the fronts would hold up, I placed 2 supports on each section as something to attach the drawer fronts to.

I used my circle stencil to mark out the handle holes on 1 drawer.  Then, I clamped 3 together and used my Dremel to sand away the wood.

The hairpin legs are a large paperclip that I pained in a flat aluminum. 

I painted the drawers in Marta Stewart Summer Linen, Americana Slate Grey and Americana Zinc.  I sealed the dresser with a satin finish polyurethane.

And Then....

I made a little vignette with the dresser for my Instagram account!