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How To Make Peeling Paint - Cheap & Easy

Sometimes I get a brain wave.  A small synapse of electrical activity connecting the creative me and my hands.  This was one of those rare moments.  Unfortunately, there is no synapse activity when I get to the basement and forget why I went down there in the first place.  Such is life!

I found a few of these little wood words at Michael`s in the impulse buy section at the cash.  Maybe $1.50 for 3 words...and yes, the buy impulse struck.  But be warned, I broke all of them as I took them off the paper mount.  But that`s what wood glue is for!

I wanted the HELLO sign to look old and aged with peeling paint.  What then looks like peeling I stared at my dirty crafting fingers.....GLUE!

Step 1

Apply white glue or tacky glue to your fingers.  Wave them around like a bird to dry.  Your family might think you have lost your mind

Step 2

Once dry-ish, paint over the glue with the colour of peeling paint you so desire. Repeat the drying or flapping technique until well dried.

Step 3

Use your nails to peel off the layer of painted glue.  It will curl and look weird.

Step 4

Chop up your peeling paint pieces and then glue them to your piece.  Apply all your finishing paints, like rust, to make it look authentic.  This technique can look like paint, crud and other years of build up and wear on any mini item.  Have fun!

As I write this I realize that I never took a picture of the final, properly aged, sign.  It will appear soon!!