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Home On The.....Range Hood

Do you surf around Pinterest and think, sigh, I wish I had that?  I do.  Waaaaaay too much.  I went ahead with the Houseworks upper cabinets and was almost ready to use the metal range hood that goes with the set when I paused.  My ceilings are too high.  The gap between the upper cabinets and the ceiling is massive and to fill that space in a manner that I deem artistic and current would KILL me.  The solution was simple.  Make a very tall range hood.  But then I realized I actually had to make it from scratch.  Back to Pinterest.

I found a few specimens I liked.  I didn't take pictures as I went because I am impatient and just tackled it before I thought.  And truthfully, the iPad was charging and my old cell phone had no memory left, so it just didn't happen.

Here's What I Did

I drew out what I wanted in the correct proportions on paper.  I knew I had to lay out the pieces as I went to make it fit.

I then cut pieces of square balsa pieces to form 2 rectangles, one for the bottom of the hood (large open end), and the top portion at the ceiling.

As I have said before, I hate balsa.  BUT I liked it for this project.  Just this once!  I cut the 3 pieces of balsa to make the front and 2 side panels.  You might think, but I can't cut the edge of those pieces so they lay at the correct angle!  Think again.  I just trimmed away at the edges to get something close to the angle and glued the crap out of it with Quick Grip glue.  The rough edges are inside and cannot be seen.  Ever.

I smeared the thing with wood filler to even out the balsa grain and fill the gaps and cracks.  After sanding it with 600 grit, the detail work began.

I took regular scrapbook cardstock in white and cut very fine strips to finish the edges.  2 strips each on the base and top rectangles.  And 2 strips each on each face of the triangular hood panels.  I then used regular white glue and my tiny metal poker tool (or a tooth pick works) and made tiny glue drops to look like rivets.  The rivets match up on all the panels too!

I painted it in CIL "Romance" to match the upper cabinets and wall paint.

What You Can't See

I painted the inside of the hood (before I glued it in), black.  And then I glued in mesh on the inner rim of the base rectangle to look like the mesh in a real range hood.  Yes, no one will see it, but I know its there.  The mesh is from a dollar store frying pan anti-splatter circular thing.  The mesh is very fine and easy to cut.

So there you have my lackluster explanation of the range hood.  I plan to repeat it for my next dollhouse so I will make it a proper tutorial then!