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And Then I Sigh

And why do I sigh? Well, maybe it's a lack of sleep. Maybe I struck my head on something and as a result no longer think clearly.

I bought 'Edwardian Era Miniatures In 1:12 Scale' by Jane Harlop. This is a great book for visual learners like myself. So, I thought, why not make your own 4 drawer dresser from scratch?  Hey, why not make 2 dressers, and then decide to make them built in with a desk in between. Then make faux marble tops and line each drawer and add nice trim work?  

I choose to blame watching The Walking Dead for my crazy ideas. I get lost in the show and forget that I am working away.  10pm rolls around and I'm covered in paint and glue. Sometimes a little blood when I zone out watching Rick while using my scaple to carve away at wood.  My fingers are a manicurists nightmare right now!

I will post pictures of my idea of a fun Sunday night soon. The dressers do look really good. And I finsihed all the kitchen work. Just waiting for my ebay mixer to arrive to take the final pictures!